Impulse Tracker

To do the big things in life, you have to pay attention to each beat along the way

Impulse Tracker by Ovi Demetrian Jr

On a quiet night in the year 1996, 20-year old Alan is in his small apartment, about to make an important life decision. His thoughts are torn between the electronic music he makes with his computer and starting a career path with a computer software company. Will he continue working on his music and keep his dead-end job or take the important job offer?

Short story, about 8 pages

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Unofficial soundtrack

Songs by Mick Rippon, aka MickRip, my favorite modular music artist and who's music I listened to the most while writing the story. You can listen/download MP3s of the songs along with their original mod versions. You'll need VLC player to listen to the mod files.

  1. Tea Cosy by Mick Rippon, 1995 (mod)
  2. Out of Control by Mick Rippon, 1997 (mod)
  3. Working in Progress by Mick Rippon, 1998 (mod)
  4. capslock by Mick Rippon, 1993 (mod)