A website, a comic and a video game

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Steve Douglas from Avagate and I recently launched a new marketing site for the web consulting agency he started. I’m really happy with how clean and straightforward the design, functionality and messaging turned out. I’m also excited that we’re able to share a little info on the Avagate project management system that we’re working on.

Lifehacks #2:

The script for Lifehacks #2 is (finally) done and Jen has started sending me back artwork for pages. I’ll be posting a page a week from it on lifehackscomic.com as well as the Patreon feed which will include some behind-the-scenes stuff.

Keeper and the Soldier:

I’m now a writer on a new project, a video game! Keeper and the Soldier, a ‘2.5D platformer’ based on a concept by artist Jessica Fong and produced by Jumpbutton Studio. Here’s the summary:

You play as Emi, a lonely young girl growing up in a world ravaged by never-ending war. Emi is about to fulfill her role as a soldier, when she meets a mysterious creature, an A.I. designed to safeguard mankind’s forgotten history. Desperate to survive, the Keeper puts its fate into the hands of a child and shows Emi that there is always beauty to be found in the world, as long as you keep looking for it.

I started writing seriously about three years ago this month. I looked it up after going to a concert for Limit Club’s 10th anniversary last weekend which made me think about it. And this month also marks the 40th anniversary of my favorite magicians, Penn & Teller. 40 years doing their thing! I hope to still be writing and working on awesome projects 40 years from now!

Check out the kind of trick Penn & Teller do after 40 years. One no magician has probably actually done: pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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