Tribute bookshelf

Reading time: 1-2 minutes

My reading area.

I’ve been organizing stuff at my new place. I used to have an entire bookshelf where I kept primarily books and comics. I used to have shelves under my TV in my living room where I kept CD’s, DVD’s and video games. I used to keep comic books in boxes in my closet. But then I started listening to music digitally. And reading ebooks on my iPad Mini. Then comics. And of course movies and shows are now streaming. Videogames are downloaded. Because it’s the content of the media that’s important, not its physical form.

Before I moved, I decided to do some Marie-Kondo-style cleaning to keep only things that “spark joy”. This lead to getting rid of around half of my physical media. My goal was to fit everything on my one bookshelf. And this is the result. Since I’ve been going fully-digital for years, the shelf is more of a tribute to the stuff that inspired me when I was younger (and still inspires me). I’ve been keeping track of the media that I enjoy, as I enjoy it, for the past fifteen years. But now, that database isn’t just a log, it’s a digital bookshelf.