The virtues of being lazy

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Laziness is viewed as a negative characteristic. It’s something I’ve always struggled with myself since whenever I felt lazy, I would feel guilty and often force myself to try and do something about it. However, these last few months I’ve learned to stop letting it stress me out and just let the feeling come and go. Here’s what I’ve learned from being lazy with a purpose.

When I’m lazy and I don’t want to do chores, I get pretty good at figuring out how to do them more efficiently in order to spend as less time as possible having to do them on a regular basis.

When I’m lazy, my mind starts to wander on random things. Those thoughts end up being there for a reason and I should pay attention to them, further explore them, and think them through. Ignoring them will not make them go away.

When I’m lazy and take the time to think about things, I tend to reconsider some things I’m doing or how I’m going about them. There’s a time for action and a time for analyzing the motives behind your actions.

When I’m lazy and I can’t focus on thinking about things, I let the thoughts go through me without stressing out over them. I hear this is what meditation is basically about: letting go of your connection with your thoughts as a way to relax your mind and to possibly see things in a different light.

When I find myself stressing out over having a bunch of work to do, taking a break to be lazy on purpose helps calm me down to figure out how to deal with everything properly. The work seems to come easier as I’m more clear-headed.

Being lazy is just a cycle. Sometimes you feel like you can handle everything the world has to offer, and sometimes you feel depleted with little enthusiasm for doing anything. Stressing out over it only makes it worse. You might as well take the time to relax.

I was going to post this up this morning, but you know, I got lazy. And there’s nothing like enjoying a lazy Sunday!

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