Gilbert Gottfried, the greatest comedian ever

Reading time: 1-2 minutes

Gilbert Gottfried died a couple weeks ago. He was my favorite comedian. The best comedian ever, no hyperbole. I went to his standup shows almost every time he came to Phoenix and would laugh the hardest I ever had at any show.

One show, he did his infamous Aristocrats joke as part of his finale. The joke is considered the filthiest joke ever told, and he was the best at it. As he told the joke, he homed in on me sitting in the front row. Having that joke told at you would make anyone visibly uncomfortable listening to it. But I've heard him tell the joke a few times before so all I did was just laugh until tears came to my eyes. Since he didn't get the reaction he expected, he then moved on to a couple at a nearby table who did look uncomfortable, and just made it all funnier for the rest of the audience.