Doom and videogames 25 years later

Reading time: 1-2 minutes

Doom came out 25 years ago. Doom was one of the first videogames I was really into as a kid. Which is pretty funny, because another game I played at the time was Myst which also came out 25 years ago and couldn't be more opposite in style and theme. I remember playing both games in a dark room late at night, turning up the sound to fully immerse myself.

Both Doom and Myst are monumental videogames as art. While Myst shows the power of interactivity and storytelling, Doom is a display of the visceral experience of videogames. Its gameplay design and audio set a perfect fun tone. The 2016 sequel was a worthy follow up that was able to hit on that same feeling.

In fact, if you look at videogames today, you can almost categorize them as being either like Myst — an immersive adventure story, or like Doom — an adrenaline rush. Or, in some cases, a combination of both. And despite the advancement of videogame technology, it's those elements done very well in Myst and Doom, that makes them still fun to play 25 years later.