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Teller, of Penn and Teller fame has been known to say that the things you’re most passionate about you do when all the chores are done. (I couldn’t find a direct quote because you know, Teller doesn’t talk.) This feels very true to how I eventually decided to start writing. But man, sometimes the chores seem to never end.

2015 has started out with so many things going on for me that these last two months just flew by. Among them: I found a new day job, got a new car, and attended the first comic con of the year. And none of these things came easy.

Through all these chores, I did manage to finish the script for Lifehacks #1 which I had intended to wrap up over a month ago. I had it basically ready in December but it needed a good amount of details work. And as often tends to be the case, the details can take forever. But now it’s completely done and Jen is getting artwork made. I’ve even kicked off the webcomic.

The upside of doing chores is that when you go back to doing the work you’re passionate about, it feels like you have renewed energy for it and ideas seem to come easier and seem clearer than before. Because your thoughts on what you feel you need to do never go away, they’re always there in the back of your mind. And taking a break to let those thoughts formulate is sometimes part of the process.

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