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25 years of HyperCard

Even though I only used it for a brief amount of time, I think it's what inspired me to do what I would be doing for a long time!

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Demos: digital art for computers

Demos were audio-visual presentations that ran in real-time on a computer. They started as a way to show off computer performance, but quickly became an art form, mixing graphics, music and coding mastery into unique compositions.

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Re-Wired: Issues 1-3

I've been a Wired magazine subscriber for a few years now and I figured they would be a great source for learning about how the world viewed early personal computing and the internet in its early stages.

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No more hardware tinkering

In recent years, the buzz around hardware components has shifted to entire system upgrades. Hardware has become so much cheaper that it's just more convenient to get a new box or laptop every 2-3 years.

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