Marketing & Promotion

From marketing to sales

"Just how marketing is a way to present ideas, sales is essentially trading those ideas with each other and goes hand in hand with marketing."

Notes on marketing

"...some of my notes on marketing-related presentations I’ve attended this past month."

This thing called Marketing

"I've been spending the last six months or so writing content for my startup, Blocks Edit, fine tuning the website to clearly communicate what the product does, how it does it, and who it's for, along with regularly writing blog posts to further promote the ideas behind it. And during this period, I learned what marketing really means."

Startup products and community

"Lifting my head up from work to hear other people talk about their startup journeys while sharing mine helps me be more mindful of the ups and downs of running a business, appreciating the things that work well and making the stuff that doesn't feel less frustrating."

How the sausage gets made

"It’s always interesting to see how something is done. I’ve tried to be conscious of this and show how I make my comics."

Connecting online and In Real Life

"One of the best ways I've found to get it out to people so far has been to take the hardback book to sell at comic book conventions."

Marketing a web app

"The only way to really know if someone is using your product, this making it successful, is if they are happily paying for it!"

Of control and ownership

"Self-publishing or traditional publishing is not a goal. The goal is to get a great story out to the world."

The publishing empire of one

"There's no doubt ebooks are changing the way we enjoy our books, so of course publishing, the process by which an author gets their work to their readers, is completely changing as well."

Find an audience, one person at a time

"We've all heard about viral videos that spread online. The concept of being viral is just passing on something from one person to the next, branching out to a potentially large audience."

State of publishing in an interactive world

"I attended this year's South by Southwest Interactive and was surprised to find quite a few panels about publishing content online from people who have done it successfully."

Introducing Indie Aisle

"I originally had the idea for Indie Aisle when I noticed that there were people I knew who wanted to do something creative from starting a band to having their own online comic, but didn't know how to get their work seen by other people."