Growth & Craft

Buttons and switches

"The way the buttons and switches affected these virtual worlds, made me look at my interactions with objects of the real world differently, or, more carefully."

Myst meditation

"The Myst video game series is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year."

Startup products and community

"Lifting my head up from work to hear other people talk about their startup journeys while sharing mine helps me be more mindful of the ups and downs of running a business, appreciating the things that work well and making the stuff that doesn't feel less frustrating."

How we change

"Every once in a while I decide to rewatch certain movies that come to mind. Usually the ones that have stuck with me and which seem to come up because they relate to a particular mood I'm in."

Letting motivators lead the way

"Practicing the process of understanding my motivators has helped me figure out the things I should focus my attention on."

Music discovery

"A couple of months ago I found three burned CDs in a box somewhere labeled ‘Mix 2005’. I apparently made them over ten years ago at a time when I listened to music on a portable CD player that played MP3s."

Past, present and future

"This year, fans of Back to the Future celebrated the year of the future based on a date in the second film in the series."

The virtues of being lazy

"Laziness is viewed as a negative characteristic. It's something I've always struggled with myself since whenever I felt lazy, I would feel guilty and often force myself to try and do something about it."

My Soylent experience

"You may have heard of Soylent by now: the meal hack for geeks. If you haven’t, it’s basically a meal replacement drink designed to give you the nutrition your body needs while making it easy to prepare and consume."


"Teller, of Penn and Teller fame has been known to say that the things you're most passionate about you do when all the chores are done."

Change for change's sake

"It can be easy getting lost in what we should change in our lives for our goals and miss what we already have for them."

Time to put in the log in blog

"I've blogged on an off in the past, but it was always about thoughts and ideas in the form of short sections. I seem to have missed the point of the logging part of blogging..."

What you should know about the GTD method

"I found that as I was getting my thoughts out of my head and into my system, I was able to accomplish things in a logical way that lead to better focus of my upcoming goals."