2021 year in review

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This year sorta felt like 2020, part 2. The pandemic is still not over. We’re essentially in the same boat as a year ago: a new Covid variant to deal with, and increased cases because of the holidays. But things are getting better overall. The long tail of people are getting vaccinated and things don't seem as generally stressful as before as we seem to have adapted to how we go about our lives during a pandemic.

There was even a period earlier in the year where things appeared to be almost normal! My brother and mom took the opportunity to plan a trip to Romania for us to visit family. Things worked out pretty well while we were there and it was nice to be able to see family that we haven't seen in a few years. But as hopeful as things appeared to be with the pandemic coming to an end, coming back from our trip, things regressed as cases started to surge again for the summer and the number of people getting vaccinated slowed down.

It's been another decent year for Blocks Edit. We launched some cool new features, and a redesign/under-the-hood upgrade in November. We also worked with some great customers that we've recently started to showcase on the site.

From the blog

I did a review of Hey, a new email service, which was more about how to stop avoiding email as a form of communication and make it work as it was intended.

And from the Blocks Edit blog, my favorite post of the year: why visual email builders are bad at email design which is another Blocks Edit philosophy kind of post that shows how we do things differently than other visual editors.

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