2017 year in review

Reading time: 1-2 minutes

This year I've had my head down in work. I wrapped up my Lifehacks comic book series. And I launched Blocks Edit, my new web app startup for email marketers.

During this holiday season, as I've tried to take some time off, I ended up revamping my ovidem.com site. Some of it is visually noticable, but most of the work is under-the hood as I rewrote more than half of the code and switched the blog from using WordPress to a simpler flat-file system with no database. I've even added blog categories to better organize articles.

And as has become tradition, below are my favorite things for the year. The complete list is on my Faves section where I've also added my all-time recommendations for each type of thing (except movies which there are just too many of!).

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That's all for this year, happy 2018!

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