This thing called Marketing

"I've been spending the last six months or so writing content for my startup, Blocks Edit, fine tuning the website to clearly communicate what the product does, how it does it, and who it's for, along with regularly writing blog posts to further promote the ideas behind it. And during this period, I learned what marketing really means."

Startup products and community

"Lifting my head up from work to hear other people talk about their startup journeys while sharing mine helps me be more mindful of the ups and downs of running a business, appreciating the things that work well and making the stuff that doesn't feel less frustrating."

Horror movies

"Since around 2009, during the month of October, I would decide to watch a handful of horror movies that I would preselect from a list that I kept adding to."

Introducing Blocks Edit

"Blocks Edit is now live and ready for you to improve how you send out marketing campaigns."


"Detective stories are about solving a mystery, which comes from our inherent need to figure out and resolve things."

The shift in politics and media

"This election is showing us how the Republicans and Democrats continue to make sure they are the only choices for president as traditional media continues to decline to media on the web."

Let's vote for sanity

"It turns out that libertarian ideas are very much for everyone. Whether you consider yourself Democrat or Republican."

The FBI vs Apple and our civil liberties

"You may have heard about the FBI demanding that Apple crack into the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California shooters. Apple has refused because they feel that it is a huge security risk to their customers."

The virtues of being lazy

"Laziness is viewed as a negative characteristic. It's something I've always struggled with myself since whenever I felt lazy, I would feel guilty and often force myself to try and do something about it."

The state of Indie Aisle

"When I originally came up with Indie Aisle over four years ago, it's original goal was to make it easy for independent authors to publish their books digitally online."

Why ebooks took so long

"ebooks are becoming more common today, quickly turning into a new standard for reading books. It's pretty interesting how long the idea of an ebook has actually been around, since even before the mainstream Internet."

Introducing Indie Aisle

"I originally had the idea for Indie Aisle when I noticed that there were people I knew who wanted to do something creative from starting a band to having their own online comic, but didn't know how to get their work seen by other people."

On Web Standards and rounded corners

"While general web practices make sense, the need for having formal standards seems unnecessary. Website-building technologies have in a lot of ways standardized themselves because of individual developers deciding what is appropriate to use."