Hey, I'm Ovi

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I design apps, build websites, and write stuff.

I'm the founder and lead designer of Blocks Edit, an email content editor that makes it easier for email marketers to build branded emails. I've been professionally designing and building websites, emails, and apps for over 15 years now through my consultancy, Distinctive Quality.

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Thinking and focus →

Prioritizing and having a sense of calm in our actions

Email template design guide →

Using a modular design approach for branded emails

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Nutrition and optimal health →

Eating plant-based and efficiently and effectively maintaining a healthier lifestyle

Comics I've written

Hacktivity about privacy and freedom in an age of information, and Lifehacks about using our connected world to connect with people.

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My recommendations for movies, tv shows, books, comics, videogames, music, and live shows, that I've logged for over 15 years