New Sight

The change we're looking for often just requires a change in perspective

New Sight by Ovi Demetrian Jr

Michael has just taken a trip to Japan, a trip he'd been meaning to take for a while but which now felt like the right time for. His experience still fresh on his mind, he spends the airplane flight back thinking about it and how it has changed him. He's unprepared for what he finds he lands back home in San Francisco: a world 20 years into the future.

Short story, about 12 pages

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Unofficial soundtrack

Songs by Mick Rippon. You can listen to or download MP3s for them.

  1. Alone by Mick Rippon
  2. Effort Ball by Mick Rippon
  3. Heart or Soul by Mick Rippon
  4. Gentle Panic by Mick Rippon