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Last weekend I was in Las Vegas for ScoopFest, an event held for fans of the podcast, Matt & Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social. It was organized by the hosts, Matt Donnelly, Paul Mattingly, and Jacob ‘the Audio Guy’ Smith along with the fans themselves (aka Scoops). I had a blast. Everyone was really awesome. Here was the lineup:

Day 1: Part of The Bucket Show, Matt Donnelly and Paul Mattingly’s weekly improv show, a couple of Scoops did standup routines and additional performances included Spadoni, Charlie Starling and Benny Bonobo, Puppetry of the Penis (look them up), Jimmy Slonina, and RJ Owens.

Day 2: There was a live recording of the Ice Cream Social podcast which was really fun as far as watching three guys record a podcast goes. Afterward was a great performance by The Apple Sisters who I’ve been a fan of for a while and really enjoyed seeing in person. Then everyone went to Bally’s to see Fifty Shades the Parody which Paul Mattingly was the lead of and Matt Donnelly was the production manager for. The night ended in the same showroom with a karaoke after party.

Day 3: At noon was a recording of Penn’s Sunday School with hosts Penn Jillette, Michael Goudeau and Matt Donnelly which was originally where he started out before deciding to do the Ice Cream Social podcast. Being a regular listener since episode 1, I was excited to see it live after tuning in the last few years. Afterward, Penn Jillette performed a couple of card tricks and songs, Michael Goudeau juggled, and both Penn and Goudeau did a juggling routine.

And if that wasn’t enough entertainment, there was also a food truck picnic with a live band performing while we all got to hang out with the hosts. Oh, and in the evening, after getting together to see Penn & Teller, there was another after party that topped off the whole event.

You couldn’t ask for a better organized event. Like Penn put it, it was pretty perfect. And what really made it even more worthwhile were the Scoops and the fun we all had hanging out with each other and using Twitter to organize get-togethers that filled up the rest of our time around Vegas. What a great community of people.

Thanks to Kate and Stefan for driving the whole time. Thanks Mike for giving me a copy of the Spiderman/Deadpool comic written by Penn that I was able to get signed. Some of the people I enjoyed hanging out with included: Linda and Andrew, Melissa, David who filmed most of the performances, Rebecca, Nicole, Jessica and Joey, Sarah, Graeme and Amanda, Ian, Max, Brandon, Patt, Peter, Emily, Ryer, and many others.

Thank you for the fun time Scoops! FYITF!

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