Past, present and future

Reading time: 1-2 minutes

This year, fans of Back to the Future celebrated the year of the future based on a date in the second film in the series. The date, October 21st, 2015 was arbitrarily set thirty years out to serve the film’s story. I think the date’s celebration and part of what makes the Back to the Future movies so great comes out of our connection with time and marking certain dates of significance that have personal meaning to us.

For me, this month marks the ten-year anniversary since I started my freelance interactive design company, Distinctive Quality, back in 2005. Tomorrow marks the five-year anniversary since I launched my ebook publishing startup, Indie Aisle, in 2010. And around three years ago, in 2012, I started writing stories.

This evening, I’m going out to dinner for the thirtieth birthday of a wonderful girl I met recently and it will be another moment in time that I’ll look back on in the future.

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