My first major writing work, out in the world

Reading time: 1-2 minutes

I recently released the Hacktivity graphic novel, including the paperback edition. It represented a year and a half’s work in its final form.

The book includes an introduction written by Mr. Brian Brushwood. I became a fan of his magic show years ago and even got a chance to do some design work for him a few years back. I sent him a preview copy of the book and was thrilled when he told me that he not only enjoyed reading it but also agreed to write the intro for it!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to check out a local band called The Limit Club since the lead singer, Nick is a friend of mine from high school. I realized that they’ve been playing for quite a few years now (and I kinda felt like an asshole for not checking them out all this time). I really enjoyed their show and it was awesome catching up with Nick afterward.

Both Brian and Nick started doing their thing years ago and they’re still at it. It’s encouraging to see that as I continue doing more writing work, and plan on doing it for many more years to come!

Check out my graphic novel Hacktivity about hackers that take on the NSA.