Music discovery

Reading time: 1-2 minutes

A couple of months ago I found three burned CDs in a box somewhere labeled ‘Mix 2005’. I apparently made them over ten years ago at a time when I listened to music on a portable CD player that played MP3s. There are about 400 songs on the CDs. Since finding the CDs, I’ve created an iTunes playlist of (most of) the songs on them. While transferring them over, I would listen to some of the ones that I haven’t listened to in a long time. A lot of which are admittedly pretty bad. It’s been interesting seeing how much my musical preferences have changed and finding what music has really stuck with me throughout the years.

It also got me thinking about the process I went through to gather my music back then. I used to spend hours a day downloading and organizing songs to develop the extensive library I’ve built up in the last fifteen years or so. But after using the Apple Music service for just a year now, I’ve probably already doubled the song count in my collection!

In keeping my list of favorite stuff, it’s apparent that music is missing. That’s because it’s difficult to decide on whether I like a song or not just from the first time listening to it. It usually takes a few listens and a period of time to decide whether it really has a lasting quality. But I’ve decided to give a favorite music list a shot. It’s a short list at this point, but I’m sure it will grow pretty quickly. If you use Apple Music, you can subscribe to the iTunes playlist.

If you want to log your own favorites, check out the LogStuff app.