How the sausage gets made

Reading time: 1-2 minutes

It’s always interesting to see how something is done. I’ve tried to be conscious of this and show how I make my comics. On my Kickstarters and Patreon updates, I include concept sketches of pages that the artist puts together before the final pages. But that’s about all I got. The reason is because the rest involves writing. And showing how something is written is just boring.

It’s kind of like finding out how a magic trick works. You think you want to know how it’s done, but when you find out how simple it is, it sort of ruins the magic. Part of what makes a magic trick special is in letting it surprise you. I think writing is the same way. The only ‘magic’ behind the writing process that happens is that someone spends hours of their time coming up with ideas and figuring out the best way to describe them in a cohesive narrative.

But, if you want to see a good example of behind-the-scenes, take a look at what the team for the Keeper and the Soldier videogame are doing. They regularly post videos on their YouTube channel talking about what’s involved in developing an indie videogame and show how they make the art and design the levels for the game. They’ve also recently released their Steam Greenlight page that shows off their latest progress. If you’re on Steam, be sure to go vote for them!

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