A look at my past publishing things on the web

Reading time: 1-2 minutes

Growing up, I've always enjoyed making things. As a kid, my favorite toys were Legos. I would draw all the time and wanted to be a animator when I grew up. It's no surprise then that I immediately got into computers as a kid, especially when it came to using a computer to make things.

As soon as my dad hooked our family up to the internet and I discovered there was a way to make my own websites, I did it. By high school, I was making fan sites for movies and was pretty successful at it.

By the end of high school, the skills I developed lead me towards a job as a professional web designer. And for the last ten plus years, I've helped many small businesses get their ideas, products and services up on the web.

About five years ago I started working on what eventually turned into a tool for authors to self-publish their work as ebooks. And a couple of years ago, I finally sat down and started writing my own stories.

The web is a communication medium, made specifically for getting things to other people. Reflecting on things this time of year, I've realized publishing things on the web is the common thread of why I do the things I do. And why I will continue doing them.