On tech

RIP Flash

"Recently, Adobe officially announced it is discontinuing support for its Flash browser plugin by 2020."

The shift in politics and media

"This election is showing us how the Republicans and Democrats continue to make sure they are the only choices for president as traditional media continues to decline to media on the web."

Being an Apple fan

"I'm an Apple user because I want technology to fade into the background of what I'm doing."

Music discovery

"A couple of months ago I found three burned CDs in a box somewhere labeled ‘Mix 2005’. I apparently made them over ten years ago at a time when I listened to music on a portable CD player that played MP3s."

The FBI vs Apple and our civil liberties

"You may have heard about the FBI demanding that Apple crack into the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California shooters. Apple has refused because they feel that it is a huge security risk to their customers."

What makes a good ebook

"Besides a great story of course, what's involved in producing a good ebook? Here's what I think the right components are and how we built Indie Aisle around them."

Changing formats of video games

"Recently I did some cleaning for the new year. Most of it involved throwing away old stuff I no longer needed. Among the stuff were boxes from old video games."

Re-Wired: Issues 4-6

"Wired Magazine has all of its sections archived online since its very first issue."

Why ebooks took so long

"ebooks are becoming more common today, quickly turning into a new standard for reading books. It's pretty interesting how long the idea of an ebook has actually been around, since even before the mainstream Internet."

Demos: digital art for computers

"Demos were audio-visual presentations that ran in real-time on a computer. They started as a way to show off computer performance, but quickly became an art form, mixing graphics, music and coding mastery into unique compositions."

Re-Wired: Issues 1-3

"I've been a Wired magazine subscriber for a few years now and I figured they would be a great source for learning about how the world viewed early personal computing and the internet in its early stages."

No more hardware tinkering

"In recent years, the buzz around hardware components has shifted to entire system upgrades. Hardware has become so much cheaper that it's just more convenient to get a new box or laptop every 2-3 years."

Wrong default web cursor

"This past year, I've tried an experiment on the site. I've replaced the 'text select' cursor that shows when mousing over text on a website with the default arrow cursor."

On Web Standards and rounded corners

"While general web practices make sense, the need for having formal standards seems unnecessary. Website-building technologies have in a lot of ways standardized themselves because of individual developers deciding what is appropriate to use."

Online photo sharing done right

"...I've kept my eyes open for good photo organizing software to use, but there was always a key component that they all seemed to be missing: a simple way to share photos with family and friends."

Are you pod/audio/video-casting?

"The New Media online community understands that podcasting is really a new way to enjoy original content. And like blogging has changed the way we receive news, 'content-casting' will be the way of the future for receiving audio and video content."