On design

RIP Flash

"Recently, Adobe officially announced it is discontinuing support for its Flash browser plugin by 2020."

The Transform app

"A client project that I’ve been working on for a year and four months now has finally launched this week. Transform with Chris and Heidi, an iPhone and Android app."

Being an Apple fan

"I'm an Apple user because I want technology to fade into the background of what I'm doing."

The state of Indie Aisle

"When I originally came up with Indie Aisle over four years ago, it's original goal was to make it easy for independent authors to publish their books digitally online."

Developing a web app

"My side project, Indie Aisle has been online for a few months now and as I did with designing the web app, I'd like to share my thoughts about the development process."

Wrong default web cursor

"This past year, I've tried an experiment on the site. I've replaced the 'text select' cursor that shows when mousing over text on a website with the default arrow cursor."

Designing an online app

"Indie Aisle is a project I've been working on and off for a couple of years now. This past year however, I really got going with it, spending most of my available time outside of client work."

Introducing Indie Aisle

"I originally had the idea for Indie Aisle when I noticed that there were people I knew who wanted to do something creative from starting a band to having their own online comic, but didn't know how to get their work seen by other people."

Future of design formats

"When it comes to designing for the web or any type of on-screen presentation, the design is based on the format you have to work with. This applies to any medium really, but has been more difficult for the computer since it's always changing."

Xbox 360 interface

"The new Xbox is not only a gaming system, but a full entertainment experience. And with all that's been thrown into it, the interface certainly required making the features easy to find and simple to use."