2023 year in review

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This year I’ve blogged less, instead working on some weekend side projects. I’ve started posting to Distinctive Quality, with posts focused on refined web design techniques. I'm still posting occasionally to Indie Aisle as I continue with its redesign. And other updates I’ve been putting in my monthly newsletter. These projects have been a great way to explore and experiment some design, some code, some writing.

Blocks Edit

Blocks Edit dev has been mostly quality of life improvements this year. We’ve been preparing for a pretty big step in the product which we’ll have the results of within the next couple of months. Along the way, I’ve been working on various updates to the promo site, and an extensive new template of email components.

Electric car six months later

It’s been about six months since I bought my Nissan Leaf and it’s been working out great. Regular urban driving is perfect for it and it’s felt nice not having my errands include stopping by the gas station, or doing an oil change. Electric vehicles are better on surface streets than the freeway for conserving energy as they use very little energy standing still in traffic and even add energy with generative breaking. For gas cars, it’s the opposite so a lot of gas is wasted just sitting on the road in traffic!

The AI in the room

You couldn’t read the news this past year without having heard about how AI is affecting everything we do. While it is a significant technology, many of its effects are blown out of proportion. It’s still early days. We’re still figuring out how to best interact with it, it's often limited and just plain wrong, and it uses other people's work without their permission. So there are some kinks to work out! And we’re nowhere near actual artificial general intelligence.

Here are some of the best videos I’ve seen throughout the year that cover how AI works well: its implications on art, its implications on music, and a fun take on the different types of AI.

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