2019 year in review

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We’ve made it to 2020, we’re living in what sounds like a made up movie future!

I started off 2019 working on a guide on focus and energy based on what I was reading and had read in the past. Essentially, an approach to staying healthier mentally, as a follow up to my physical health guide.

I moved in April and have been spending the rest of the year furnishing the new place, organizing things, and figuring out what to put up on all the added empty walls.

Blocks Edit turned two years old, and got some new features including: mobile editing, integrations, editor design updates, and an open source email template framework. We also had our first conference booth!

Blog posts

Highlights of posts I’ve written both on the blog and on the Blocks Edit Build Better blog. This year I also started adding links to the blog of the best stuff from my Twitter.


TV shows

I enjoyed more shows this year than even movies as streaming services continue to have more great things to watch.

Movies/documentaries/standup specials



I tried out the Oculus Quest, but ended up sending it about a week later as my head couldn’t take its weight anymore. It could use a couple more years of iteration to get lighter and more comfortable.

Here's the full listing of things I enjoy that I update regularly. Along with a condensed list of my all-time favorites.

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