I design apps and websites through my company Distinctive Quality. A few years ago I launched Indie Aisle and am now working on launching Blocks Edit.

I also write comic books. So far, I've written and self-published a series called Hacktivity and another one called Lifehacks which I've recently finished.

Latest from the blog

RIP Flash8/28/2017 – "Recently, Adobe officially announced it is discontinuing support for its Flash browser plugin by 2020."

Lifehacks7/26/2017 – "Detective stories are about solving a mystery, which comes from our inherent need to figure out and resolve things."

How we change5/23/2017 – "Every once in a while I decide to rewatch certain movies that come to mind. Usually the ones that have stuck with me and which seem to come up because they relate to a particular mood I'm in."