I like to write stories. You can check out my comics and my first short story here.

I also design apps and websites through my company Distinctive Quality.

And a few years ago I launched a platform for authors to publish ebooks on their own.

Latest from the blog

Let's vote for sanity5/30/2016 – "It turns out that libertarian ideas are very much for everyone. Whether you consider yourself Democrat or Republican."

How the sausage gets made4/17/2016 – "It's always interesting to see how something is done. I've tried to be conscious of this and show how I make my comics."

The FBI vs Apple and our civil liberties2/28/2016 – "You may have heard about the FBI demanding that Apple crack into the iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California shooters. Apple has refused because they feel that it is a huge security risk to their customers."