I like to write comics. I've written and self-published a series called Hacktivity and am currently working on a new series called Lifehacks.

I also design apps and websites through my company Distinctive Quality.

And a few years ago I launched a platform for authors to publish ebooks on their own.

Latest from the blog

Music discovery7/24/2016 – "A couple of months ago I found three burned CDs in a box somewhere labeled ‘Mix 2005’. I apparently made them over ten years ago at a time when I listened to music on a portable CD player that played MP3s."

Let's vote for sanity5/30/2016 – "It turns out that libertarian ideas are very much for everyone. Whether you consider yourself Democrat or Republican."

How the sausage gets made4/17/2016 – "It's always interesting to see how something is done. I've tried to be conscious of this and show how I make my comics."