Hey, I'm Ovi

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I design apps and build websites. And I enjoy writing things: internet rants, comics and short stories.

Recently, I launched Blocks Edit, an email content editor. If you work in email marketing, you may find it useful for your production process.

I've been professionally designing and building websites and apps for over 15 years now through my company Distinctive Quality.

I'm also working with a business partner on basetime, a vetted network of developers looking for opportunities to work in the way that drives them to do their best.

If you're into comics, check out a couple that I've written: Hacktivity about privacy and freedom in an age of information, and Lifehacks about using our connected world to connect with people.

My blog articles

Topics range from making art and design, to publishing, marketing and promoting online, to tech and culture, and personal growth.

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